Cradle Tales of Hinduism

Sister Nivedita

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This book is a collection of traditional Indian nursery-tales told by Sister Nivedita in her inimitable style. Myths and legends are the vehicle of high philosophy and metaphysics, especially so in India. The heroes and heroines of ancient India presented here are not only noted for their valour or beauty, but for their strength of character and nobility. The characters depicted herein have been the unconscious moulders of the complex Indian social body. Thus this book is not only meant for children but for all those who wish to feel the pulse of the Indian conscience.


The Cycle of Snake Tales

The wondrous tale of the curse that lay upon the snake-folk: and first of the serpent realm, below the earth

The story of the doom of Parikshit

The sacrifice of Janamejaya

The Story of Shiva, the Great God

The Cycle of Indian Wifehood

Sati, the perfect wife

The tale of Uma Haimavati

Savitri, the Indian Alcestis

Nala and Damayanti

The Cycle of the Ramayana

The city of Ayodhya

The capture of Sita

The conquest of Lanka

The ordeal of Sita

The Cycle of Krishna

The birth of Krishna, the Indian Christ-Child

The divine childhood

Krishna in the forests

The Dilemma of Brahma

Conquest of the Snake Kaliya

The Lifting of the Mountain

The Return to Mathura

Krishna Partha Sarathi: Charioteer of Arjuna

The Lament of Gandhari

The Doom of the Vrishnis

Tales of the Devotees

The Lord Krishna and the Broken Pot

The Lord Krishna and the Lapwing’s nest

The Story of Prahlada

The Story of Dhruva: A Myth of the Pole Star

Gopala and the Cowherd

A Cycle of Great Kings

The story of Shibi Rana: or, the Eagle and the DoveBharata

The judgement-seat of Vikramaditya

Prithvi Rai: Last of the Hindu Knights (The Indian Romeo and Juliet)

A Cycle from the Mahabharata

The story of Bhishma and the great war

The Ascent of Yudhishthira into Heaven

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