How to Overcome Digital Distraction

Swami Vireshananda

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Today human beings are living more in the parallel world known as the “Digital World” or the “Virtual World”. This computer-based online community environment has no doubt its incredible benefits and advantages, not even dreamt of by our preceding generations. At the same time, it has also the frightening potential to make human beings mentally sick, and isolated, and suppress all those healthy elements which make human beings human. Today, it is a fact that this digital or virtual world is something which cannot be done away with. This being so, the only option left to us is to develop the art or skill of using it intelligently, without endangering the mental and physical well-being of the individual and the society. How to handle this “digital distraction” caused by “digital slavery” is the focus of this book, the importance of which doesn’t need to be emphasised. The book endeavours to address this important issue from various angles, through articles written by experts and thinkers from various backgrounds.

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