Shruti Gita: An Anthology from the Bhagavata

Swami Gabhirananda

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The Bhagavata is the epitome of the Vedas, the essence of Vedic wisdom, an inspired composition encompassing the entire field of religion and philosophy, and the magnum opus of Vedavyasa. The present book is an anthology containing some of the choicest verses from that sacred work. It would not only inspire the readers but also make them seriously think about higher aspects of human life and existence and thus elevate them. It is enriched by a lucid translation, word-for-word meaning of the Sanskrit words and transliteration.

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Swami Gabhirananda



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Advaita Ashrama

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Advaita Ashrama, English, Puranas, Swami Gabhiranananda, Scriptures

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